You wouldn’t steal a car, yes, but I’d download one if I could!

Let me take you back, back to a land of the free where content creators had no property claims on their intellectual works, anyone could copy anything without being sued by Apple . A land where creative commons was a thing. But that all changed in 1710 with the Statute of Queen Anne, however this isn’t the be all and end all of copyright laws, it just opened the floodgates.

Right, so a quick timeline of copyright laws:

  • 1710 – Statute of Queen Anne: Owners get monopoly for 14 years after publication
  • 1886 – Berne Convention: Monopoly for 50 years after authors death
  • Current US laws : ownership until 70 years after authors death. If corporate ownership, 120 years after creation or 95 years after publication.

But what does it all mean Basil?

Now it does all seem a bit dramatic (120 years!) however look at it from the producers or creators viewpoint, when someone steals or ‘copies’ your product that can heavily influence your sales. Also it is unethical to copy someone’s work and claim it as your own (plagiarism).

Now if you thought 3D Printing wouldn’t push the boundaries of modern copyright laws you are quite mistaken. ‘Pirate Bay’ for 3D Printing Launched tells us that… well, just that, A Pirate bay type site has been in development specifically providing blueprints for objects to be printed. This raises many conflicts with copyright laws however it is able to avoid some of these problems by stating that it is an open source search engine.

Now, back to the title. We’ve all seen this ad and ofcourse made that lame joke about downloading a car… But what if you could? Jay Leno is able to 3D print parts for many of the cars in his vast collection so perhaps all you need is one 3D Printer and alot of time to build a car yourself… essentially ‘downloading’ a car.

In the future I predict companies managing the legal 3D Printing authorising the sale of their products online, perhaps something like iTunes… But then who buys music when it is available online for free?… I MEAN WHAT?

(I do not condone illegal downloading of anything pls don’t sue)


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