Internet = Good

Media has changed. People have rapidly seen the Internet as a new media outlet more expansive and varied than anything before. It has become the most popular source of information overtaking well… everything.


But what is so appealing about the internet that it has been so successful in the last few years?

The internet has pretty much everything you could ever want to know at your fingertips, and available at any time. Breaking news on your screen in as little as 10 minutes after it happened, where as before you would have to wait for the evening news or the morning paper. The internet also turns the consumer into the prosumer, no longer are the people formerly known as the audience unable to contribute to discussion or create news with the introduction of social media websites and discussion boards both of these are possible.

What does this mean for the user?

Now, the user is no longer just “the user” they are the user as well as the producers, the editors and the contributors. Everything they say on the internet potentially has a worldwide audience and just about every point of view on a topic can be posted without restriction (as long as they pass by the ‘gatekeepers‘ of course).

For users of 3D Printing, again this sort of comes back to an idea similar to open source. With the internet at ones finger tips and a vast community of people creating discussing and improving all things 3D Printing, the user is able to build improve and just overall have a better experience with their machines. For example 3D Printing Forums provide ample amounts of information on 3D Printing, all coming from discussions. Now go and try having a discussion with your T.V. about 3D Printing see how far you get.


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