“Thank You & Goodbye”

What I have learned from my blog posts.

If i were to summarise what i have learned from doing my BCM110 blog posts, it would probably look a little something like this.

Looking back down to my older posts (although it has only been 6 weeks), for me, is not unlike venturing back into Myspace (that thing that was ‘hip’ when you were 13). I just dont understand what I was even trying to do. But that in itself, is a reflection on my progression as a blogger, however just wait until I look back at this in another 6 weeks.

I have learned that the media plays a huge role in Australia, it keps us informed about all the happenings of the world, as well as entertaining us. I have also learned that what could once be considered ‘reliable’ and ‘accurate’ media sources (such as Television) may not be as reliable as i thought before i began my degree. With my 300 word limit, i cannot cover how important the Media’s role in society is, but to quickly overview… Media is in charge of : information, education, entertainment, advertising and correlation of parts of society.

So in these 6 weeks of blogging I feel that i have grown as a blogger and writer. I enjoyed the idea of writing about media within the media of blogging. Probably the most difficult thing i found about these blogs is the world limit. I found I could write more than 300 words or in some instances struggled to reach that 300. It’s all part of the task.


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