Be Kind Rewind.

Remixing and sampling have both become a large aspect of modern music culture. Artists are getting relatively old songs and remixing them into something new and arguably original.


Using music as an example is probably the easiest way to explain and define what remixing and sampling is. Remixing in music is a song that has been edited to sound different to the original song while sampling is taking a portion of a recording and using it as an instrument, or sound in a new audio piece. An example of remixing is The Gregory Brothers remix of “Bed Intruder”, and an example of sampling is Kanye West’s Stronger (note the use of Daft Punk’s “harder better faster stronger” as an underlying sound).

However, remixing and sampling is not strictly limited to music, it crosses all media forms such as film, text and images.

Axel Bruns discusses the idea that the remix culture is the process of sliding from one side of the user spectrum to the other. The idea that someone can take something meant strictly for consumption and create new texts or content is the essence of remixing. This process transforms the user into the producer.

(image from Axel Bruns Distributed Creativity: Filesharing and Produsage. Click to view)

Lawrence Lessig writes about the remixing culture or “The Cultures of our Future” and describes how remixing and sampling is heavily influenced by our old friend copyright. Once again, ownership is argued and the line between fair use and copyright infringement is as blurry as ever. In order to be sure you avoid infringing copyright it comes down to gaining the authors permission to mix, a task easier said than done.

Other than remixing or sampling someone’s blueprints for a 3D Printed object, remixing and sampling doesn’t really have strong applications in regards to 3D Printing… yet.


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