The Idea. (Week 3)

First of all, I was planning to make this post either a video or audio podcast however at time of writing I am quite ill and I don’t believe any medium other than text would bode well.

So as of my last post I mentioned that Daniel and I had an idea for  A UoW board game.  After discussing this concept in class this week, we have drastically altered our idea.  The game still revolves around the University, however other than that it is completely different.

The new idea we have is an Amazing Race-Esque sort of game involving QR codes and video.

Essentially the user would get the QR code which would give them a clue to solve, once solved they would find the next clue and the cycle continues.   Each clue could be a video, sound bite or picture just any media text.  This is the basis of our game.   The week’s topic of space and place is very relevant as the game incorporates a large ‘place’ that is the UoW Campus. This may be atypical of usual games especially computer and board games, however we believe this is an interesting and important idea to work with (and around).

Really the biggest issue I can think of is something Chris mentioned.  Our idea is really snowballing, I’m not sure if that is positive or negative, for one we have this constant stream of good ideas to pick from, on the other hand I feel we are beginning to lose sight on what the task actually is.

At this time the game design follows a simple algorithm. Find clue > Solve clue > Move to next clue and repeat. This is very typical of a game however recent idea developments have altered this game mechanic. I will think about this and discuss it in my next blog.


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