DIGC310 S1 E5. Codes

This week in class we further developed our ideas for the QR code finding game (yet to be named).  With the presentation looming in our next week of class (not including the mid semester break) we needed to come up with a plan of attack.  As a group we gathered ideas about what we plan on doing so as to summise and condense our work.

So here is where we stand.

The game has transformed into less of a competition and into more of a showcasing of the university to new students.  From this we have developed a path that looks as follows.

Path img

I know it is a little scrunched but it is hard to resize on this website.

Essentially the game still upholds the clue values for our initial idea, but they are simpler and are created to ease students into the university life. The path above is what we will most likely be sticking to as we got the information from the UoW website as to which buildings are most important to students of certain faculties.  location 5 is always the central building for each faculty so we though it would be best to go there first (after of course the key buildings for any student). We thought that another 3 building would be a good amount of exploration from our personal experience.

Lastly we developed a ‘clue’ page which cites all the clues and when they are said.  It looks a little something like this:

Clues We decided to finish off the path at uni bar because realy, why not it’s a fun place to be.


So there you have it.  The inner workings of the project everything is laid out now all we need to to is fill it in… And present it next week…




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