Facebook, Employees and Employers; A Triforce of influence.

As a student, I can provide first hand experience on how using Facebook whilst trying to be productive may be detrimental to my work output.  This may be an issue in the workplace, however social media sties such as Facebook and twitter pose a greater threat to the company, which has only recently been taken into consideration.

Social media by definition can be accessed by just about anyone, despite privacy settings so anything an employee posts about his or her employer may be accessed by any number of people. As a group of miners from Western Australia found out after posting this video online.

After finding this video, Barminco, the contractor for these workers fired 15 employees as a consequence of these workers misrepresenting the company.

I feel that this move is not unwarranted.  If employees are breaching safety precautions potentially putting the company at risk, they should face consequences.  The issues with this is that the video was posted to a private social media site and that the employees were fired because of actions that were not directly related the the company, as the logo was not able to be seen from the footage.

This has become such a prominent issue with organisations as social media grows and becomes more accessible. Employees are now becoming ambassadors (warranted or unwarranted) for their  employers online.

The growth of this participatory media (social media) has forced the hand of organizations.  As such, social media policies are being written up which dictate what when and how things relevant to a company can be posted by employees. Cisco provides an example of this kind of document and the boundaries set in place.

The most prominent idea  relevant to this topic is where the line is drawn in regards to how intrusive these new measures are on an employees private life.  If an employer can dismiss someone because of what they said online it seems that there is no escape or privacy outside of the work environment.  Despite my agreeance with the first example, i feel these measures are too harsh.

But this intrusion on privacy seems to be heavily intertwined with Cybercultures as a topic.


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