DIGC310 S1 EP9: The Filming Continues.

Sean SW Intro WT   So yeah, I got my wisdom teeth out which means no video blogs for the next two weeks (oh the humility!), for some of you that may be a saving grace, for others  have just ruined your week, and I am sorry. Now for the content. This week was much like last week. We filmed. We filmed just about every scene we had left involving me as we knew I would be out of action next week  due to the wisdom teeth extraction. So next week would involve all of Daniels filming.  We finished off filming in; the library, building 17, the uni centre and some various bits and pieces to montage into an introduction video.  I am very pleased upon how well the group is moving along, I anticipate that 99% of the filming will be done by next Thursday (assuming that we don’t have to re shoot anything) which will just leave the editing and generally putting together the product. Most importantly, we filmed with the drone! (footage to be released later) So as of this point we have what is essentially 90% of the content, all that is left is putting it together.  Andy is in charge of editing and he is doing a fantastic job of it so far from what he has shown us.  I’ve had alot of fun in the filming process, and I’m sure it shows in the result.  I like to think that my humor has translated well into the footage too… But only time will tell.


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