BCM 311 Proposal


At this moment in time, I stand on the shores of further education, dipping my feet into the waves, gazing across a vast pool of possibilities. For fifteen long years, education is all I have known, and now I must make the decision as to whether to heed the siren call of extending my university life, or turn to follow a new path.  The decision to pursue honours is the easier choice as it is an extension of the path that I have walked my entire life, however stepping into the “real world”, in search of a job, or dare I say it, a career, is the best fitting option.

So it is at this point, I begin; the following is a self-evaluation of values with regards to my desired career trajectory.



Advanced seminar in media communications has encouraged me to look and evaluate my own values.  In doing so, I have been critically thinking about my future and the steps I wish to take after I complete the final session in my undergraduate degree.  In my prior session, and the early stages of the current, I had shown interest in and begun developing my honours thesis.   However as a result of the internal exploration of BCM311, I decided that doing honours was not the best choice for me.

The reason behind my change of heart was not due a realization of not wanting to do it, but rather an evaluation of the reasons why I wanted to do it in the first place.  After much thought, I determined that I wanted to follow the honours path because I did not want to search for a job.

In terms of career moves, we draw upon self-evaluation.

Growing up I was always making jokes, a trait I extend into my early adulthood.  This is one of the most important things to me, I enjoy making others laugh.  As such, the idea I hold most valuable is to entertain others. The most logical connection I can make from this is to be a comedian, however I cannot just ‘comede’ I need a platform.

Throughout my years in highschool, I studied performance and as a result I have always been interested in broadcasting as a medium.  Both television and radio broadcasting interests me greatly, however I have often second guessed myself, or second guessed the industry.

My concerns lay within what others have told me.   Many people question me when I tell them of my desire to have my own radio or television show; they tell me that it is unwise to seek employment in a dying industry such as these two.  But really, I cannot imagine myself not working in an industry like this, I strive for creative freedom, I want to be able to make people laugh.  I am a realistic man however, and I do understand that they are somewhat correct.

My hopes however, remain rather intact. With the development and implication of digital radio, it can be argued that the broader coverage thins jobs out, however Susannah Nelson of Communication & Mass Media Complete considers the digital radio a medium which loses touch with its audience, driving them into the arms of the more community based analog radio (Nelson, 2014).

This news does give me some hope, although as the digital spectrum of the job is the area in which I would rather work it is a double edged sword.

This brings us back around to my value, Entertainment.  Myke Bartlett writes about the fine line-balancing act that is the entertainment industry stating, “comedians [are] continuing to tussle with the inappropriate in order to tell us more about ourselves” (Bartlett, 2009).  This is another reason as to why I value entertainment; it is a reflection of society and its standards.

The value I hold, in the field I desire is quite literally: entertainment in entertainment.  Holding this value in such high regard shows dedication and passion to the job.  The problem I will most likely deal with is the journey of getting to a comfortable career.



Bartlett, M, ‘That joke isn’t funny anymore’ 2009, Metro, 163, pp. 88-91, Communication & Mass Media Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 26 August 2015.

Nelson, S 2014, ‘HAS DIGITAL KILLED THE RADIO STAR? DOUBLE J AND REAL-TIME RADIO’, Metro, 182, pp. 108-111, Communication & Mass Media Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 26 August 2015.


One thought on “BCM 311 Proposal

  1. I’m still thinking about “entertainment” as a value. My thought is that perhaps entertainment is the expression of a separate value that motivates you. But this is just a hunch — you know best.

    Out of curiosity, why do you like to entertain? You describe this twice in terms of making others laugh. Specifically, what is it that you’re doing when you enjoy making others laugh? What are you doing for them? What are you doing for you?

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