Danview; a Review of Dan’s Project.


Daniel Natoli’s digital artifact, ‘Is Your Upload Speed Good Enough To Stream On Twitch?’ is an extension of his already developed and growing online presence. An active member of both YouTube and TwitchTV Dan is able to create a well thought out and researched project, that caters to a specific audience and communicates its ideas better.


From the beginning of class, Dan knew his final project would be related to either online streaming or video games or both. This idea culminated in the early stages of the semester into the ‘Upload speed’ artefact, and he has been able to keep this theme in sight up to his BETA.  From the development of the beginnings of his project during the presentation of the pitch to the beta he has maintained the constant aim of informing new or aspiring twitch streamers of the minimal amount of connection strength you will need to produce a consistent stream. Congruently, Dan’s video also aims to discuss the concerns and misconceptions of starting the stream.

The project follows through on these aims, therefore producing as successful video.


As mentioned previously, Dan created the project as a means of extending his already establish gaming production and presentation.  In contrast to other artefacts which are either standalone or the beginnings of perhaps something larger, Dan is, in this case branching into a related yet still new area.  In this regard, the content of his video cannot be directly developed into more videos on the same topic due to the nature of the content, however as a development of his online ‘person’ and portfolio it is definitely a positive contributor.  Following the video being posted, Dan was able to promote the video and his channels through social media and gain some mentions, favourites and re-tweets from popular Australian based gaming accounts thereby extending his reach. The video both was developed on and contributes to his career in video game streaming.


In his artefact, Dan addresses two major ideas which he discusses impacting Australian streaming.

Firstly, he addresses the slow internet speeds of Australia, in particular those who do not have the NBN. This is a concept I know Dan feels strongly about. Secondly, he discusses the ‘scepticism of newer twitch users’ for both display quality and esteem reasons. Again, this is based upon Dan and his opinions, the projects concept of newer users being hesitant due to ridicule is an idea he feels strongly about. He is always encouraging others to ‘just give it a go’.

The concepts that drive his production of the video are seeded deep within his beliefs.


Dan’s approach to the project could be viewed as almost an academic article(by which I mean, well researched, variety of sources and structurally presented), presented through multimedia. The concept of ‘lowest’ in terms of speed was well demonstrated and actualised in relation to bit rate and the type of game this upload speed is capable of maintaining.  The research conducted was mostly primary which yields both qualitative and quantitative research. The questionnaire was very thorough in answering all aspects of his artefact, despite the (relatively) early online distribution of his questionnaire, there were limited responses. This is by no fault to Dan as it is often difficult to get extensive and numerous answers for these projects. The other sources of information he used were opinions and information gathered from fellow streamers.  Besides being an interesting use of his network, this provides first hand knowledge and experience on both of the aims of his project.  The culmination of this data presents itself in statistics which provide solid answers to the proposed questions of “What internet speed do I need to stream” and “what can I do to make my stream loose less frames?”.

Presentation Feedback

In presenting his artefact, Dan showed the video he has produced and followed up by fielding questions. Some of the comments made in class were that Dan spoke too quickly, however he did justify his speed by stating that he decided to rely heavily on visual information.  In this instance I agree, visual aides are very effective in creating a balanced and informative video, this, however is STRICTLY only applicable when used in addition to audio presentation. Congruent to this, his voice was somewhat fast, however the issues with fast talking is that the speed often causes a lapse in pronunciation. Dan did not have this problem, thereby his talking speed was not an issue.  In the problem with the presentation, it may have been a little slow at times and his presentation would have been a little stronger if it wear more than just showing the video, however I cannot fault him on this as the digital artefact is wholly the video itself, and I cannot suggest any other way to present his artefact. Dan was knowledgeable on his findings and artefact, and was able to answer any questions. Overall the presentation was successful.

Suggestions to Improve Beta

Dan’s beta is incredibly useful and provides accurate information on data streaming with restricted internet speed, the information in his video is very good. One limitation in this aspect however, is that he does not include any peer-reviewed articles. There may be none written on the topic, so the inclusion of these sources may not be possible, and the value of them may not re recognised by the audience, however in this academic-based project it would provide another level of depth to the research.

The presentation of the artefact, while on the most part was good, was at times bland.  This could have been avoided through use of better lighting and more interesting interaction with the audience so it did not just seem as though he was reading off a script. I do recognise that the video included a lot of specific information which is more time consuming to film when not reading from a script, but it is a little more effort that could add a lot to the quality.

Lastly, there were some minor inconsistencies with the editing, at times the image on screen was not proportioned well in relation to the last few images shown which broke up the overall flow.

None of these issues are really that significant, they would just improve the quality slightly.

Overall this is a fantastic artefact, which addresses its aims and produces quality and informative content, well done Dan!


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