In case you wanted to know a little about me:

  • My name is Sean
  • I am 18
  • I am studying Communications and Media at UOW
  • I am In my first year
  • I am from the Sutherland Shire
  • I Went to Cronulla High School

Now, on a more personal level, I guess i chose to to a Bachelor of Communications and Media because i’m still not 100% sure what I want to do as a career, but I feel that this is the area I am most likely to end up working in. I also find communication skills useful and the media an interesting topic, so i guess that’s another reason to study this.

Wow 300 words is a lot when talking about yourself…

So, more things you might find interesting. I play games, but i have noticed that I dont play as much since I started university i guess its a good thing. I’ve never really seen the gaming industry as an appropriate career path for myself despite the amount of time i have wasted spent playing them. Really, my career aspirations (although I did say i was not quite sure what i wanted to do) have usually surrounded TV or radio presenting (a girl can dream cant she?), or public relations, or advertising… or marketing, but then if you were to ask me what i wanted to do in a years time, i will probably have a completely different answer.

What i’ll be posting.

For my classes BCM110 and BCM112 i am required to blog and tweet. For BCM112 be expecting discussions and/or reflections on modern issues or ideas with the emerging technology of 3D Printing being a focal point. For BCM110 be expecting almost anything media related. These will all be easily accessible through their categories.

And who knows if I actually begin to enjoy blogging I might just keep on doing it with unrelated materials.

Your new best friend,




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